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While the selection is limited with a free membership, you are free to use this content! The advantage of IQtus is you can avoid paying PRO (BMI, ASCAP, SESAC) fees by using our content in your Escape Games. You may also access our custom music & sound production services.

Find a creative use for us! You can download our content and edit yourself. You can pick your favorite music and sound designs from our library, and we’ll edit together a 60 Min Assembly for you. Best of all, you can have use create a brand new, customized sound design of music track just for your Escape Game.

Welcome to IQtus!

“TICK TOCK” (from the Escape Music library)
Our most popular, intense, driving musical track! Three layers of customizable soundtrack for your Escape Room. Each track offers a different level of intensity, from ambient, to moderate rhythm, to a slamming finale!


“INFECTION” (from the Sound Design Library)
We describe this soundscape as a laboratory-meets-zombie apocalypse. The track features room tone, laboratory sound FX, and the occasional zombie hoard chasing people outside in the hallway. All tracks are customizable in length and content, including versions without zombie attacks, or just the zombie attacks.

“Infection 1 – Full Mix – Ambient & Attacks”
This layer features an ambient soundscape elements of a scientists laboratory. You are locked inside, and can hear the occasional panicked crowd running by, fleeing the zombie hoards.

“Infection 2 – Close Attack”
This layer is a stand-alone moment, featuring a zombie hoard approaching, the viciously attacking the door of your Escape Room. This will add an extra jolt of intensity to your customers.

“Infection 3 – Extended- Ambient, Attacks, Close Attacks”
This is an extended layer of sound design, over 38 minutes of audio combining elements from the other tracks. There is a running ambient, laboratory track, as well as several zombie-fleeing crowds, and a close attack from the zombie hoard.


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“NIGHTMARE” (from the Escape Music Library)
If only you could wake up from this dream! Nightmare begins with a dark, gritty and primal cloud of atmospheric sound. Each track grows with intensity, until the slamming finish. Brilliantly flexible for dramatic pacing in your attraction. This track is your best friend, and your customer’s worst nightmare!
All tracks are customizable in length and content, to better fit your attraction.


“VERFELGTE” (from the Sound Design Library)

You’re trapped in the haunted underbelly of an old, rusty ship. This stylized atmosphere includes otherworldly room & environment textures, mysterious bumps & thuds, and eerie metallic scrapes and stresses. While originally used in a boat setting, it is a perfect track for any eerie and vague environment. Its 12.5 minutes of subtle, un-interrupted creepiness.

All tracks are customizable in length and content, to better fit your attraction.


“ALIEN TRANSMISSION” (from the Sound Design Library)

This is no friendly ET visitor! There are dark forces, and possibly governmental conspiracies, involved in this Alien cover-up. This stand-alone track features a bed of unnatural ambient tones, otherworldly mechanical & industrial pulses, radio transmissions, and ominous alien speech. Its the perfect ambience for a vague and unsettling space alien invasion scene.



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Our flexible content use policy is a privilege extended only to current subscribers. Only current subscriptions act as a free-use license agreement. Most music license agreements are highly restrictive, but we freely encourage creative use of our content. (However, unauthorized sales or sub-publishing of copyrighted IQtus content are prohibited and punishable by law.)


Here’s another wonderful thing about IQtus – You can avoid steep fees to PRO’s (BMI, ASCAP, SESAC) by using the IQtus service. By featuring our content from the lobby to the end of the game, you may be exempt from licensing fee’s from major PRO’s. Becoming an annual member with IQtus ($300 per year) sure beats paying $800 per year in PRO fee’s. Plus, you get free stuff from us….


While current subscribers members are free to use our content, if you operate several locations, please register each of with us. This is required if you use our content across several locations. You do not have to create new IQtus accounts, just pay the annual Multi-Location license fee. This is a cover-all fee that extends the privileges of your single account to multiple locations. All custom services discounts will apply to all sites as well. Notify us at info@iqtus.com. We will apply an annual $150 fee per location, and each site will be free and clear. Enjoy all the services of IQtus, under one account, for all your locations!


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We will NOT own your narration or original content! We only help write a script, and record voice-overs. Commissioners will retain 100% copyright of their original narrations, script, and other content we assist with.


There are no refunds regarding membership fees, finished custom works, or custom works in progress (once audio production begins and content is created).